Hotel Hair

Shoes, shoes and more shoes… welcome to my life. Before you slip into visions of me living it up amidst mounds of rare sneakers or designer stilettos, let me assure you that the reality is much less glamorous. I’m the ‘wardrobe manager’ at a certain boutique hotel known for its whimsically attired staff, and at the moment there are a lot of shoes to polish.

Everyone at this establishment, from the door people to the bar staff to the concierge, wears purple leather shoes, as per uniform requirements, and I’m currently tasked with getting them all looking perfect ahead of a visit from some celebrity that I couldn’t care less about. Apparently, I’m also responsible for updating the staff grooming manual, which means telling everyone how to do their hair and so on.

Do I look like a hair stylist? Well, you can’t see me, but the answer is no. I’m one of the few behind-the-scenes people here, so I don’t need to look presentable and therefore invest much in going to the salon. But now I’m supposed to magically find the best hairdressers St James Place has to offer and invite them to kit out our staff with coordinated coiffures.

I’ll have to ask my friends about their favourite Melbourne concept salon. Something that might be a good match for a concept hotel (whatever that means)? I think the assumption is that any hair salon worth its salt would spring on the opportunity to be associated with a leading concept hotel. I know for a fact, however, that many people in Melbourne see the hotel as pointlessly eccentric and lacking in substance. Then again, a lot of people see high fashion in general in that light, so… yeah. I don’t know. I guess I’ll just have to start asking around.

In short I’ll be looking for a stylist who’s open to a touch of the avant garde, and can resist making fun of the purple shoes.