No Looking Back

I’ve never actually been outside my home suburb, so I’m not sure how far is ‘far’. Like…is Bendigo ‘far’? I’ve heard the name mentioned a couple of times, sort of in the same way that you might talk about other far-off places like Timbuktu, or Toronto. I mean, the way everyone talks about it, Bendigo is probably further away than the moon. The moon is right there, and I can’t see Bendigo.

Okay, it’s settled. I’m getting in my car and not looking back. I’m going to use my mechanic skills, maybe. Wonder if any motor mechanics near Bendigo are hiring? If not, I suppose I could always start one of my own, or just…help out, in exchange for food and board, if such an arrangement even exists in the outside world. I am skilled in mechanics; it’s the whole reason I know that building a rocket to the moon can’t be done, not with our resources. The cult has always been very nice and safe, but I’m starting to think that locking us in basements for 16 hours a day and forcing us to try to cobble together a rocket from various scraps of metal they toss down there just isn’t going to work. Also, the whole ‘no one must step over the boundaries of the suburb’ was pretty rough. I have a car and everything (I convinced our great leaders to let me have it because it allowed me to keep my mechanical skills fresh), and I was only able to drive it on very specific roads. I had to map all of them out so that I didn’t accidentally drive into a neighbouring suburb.

But I’m breaking free. Setting up a nice little car servicing garage in Epsom or just hanging around one that already exists, seeing how they do things outside this suburb. No rockets, no domes, no empty promises of glorious moon societies. Maybe there’s a glorious society down here that we’ve been missing.