Perfectly Laundered

I’ve never met anyone who’s as much of a perfectionist as my brother-in-law, Terry. Let me give you an example. He’s got the most incredible house – I mean, nothing ultra fancy, just an extremely well appointed and beautifully finished home in excellent condition. He’s got imported tap ware, designer appliances and an outrageously good sense of aesthetic taste. And still he chooses to spend his annual leave doing a major overhaul on his already impeccable living spaces.

He’s starting with – wait for it – the laundry, of all places. Why? Because he’s super precious about looking after his pristine collection of cashmere, linen and silk suits, shirts and sheets, and has just purchased a cutting-edge washing machine that essentially functions as a robot dry cleaner. The problem is that it’s too big for the designated cabinet, so he’s taking the opportunity to rework the whole space to achieve the ultimate in functional laundering.

So yeah. Custom laundry renovations, Melbourne listeners, are officially a thing. Each to their own and all that, but I can’t imagine investing the time and money on that – especially if I had a laundry as nice as the one Terry already has installed. That said, he’s got the resources, and it seems to make him happy, so why not?

He’s also prepping for some serious designer kitchen renovations, which he somehow expects to get done within the same two-week period as the laundry. If anyone can pull it off, though, it’s Terry – he’ll have the logistics planned down to the letter. It means that his time off is going to take place amidst a whole lot of drilling and hammering, but hey, that’s his prerogative.

You’ve got to hand it to the guy, on some level. He knows what he likes, and he’ll do everything in his power to get it done with finesse. I, on the other hand, am inclined to put home renovation projects off for years on end, opting to spend the time and money on more obvious leisure time pursuits.