Sharing with Sandrine

Oh gosh, watching Sandra try to be nice is like that video of a puppy taking a snowball inside and trying to play with it next to the fire. It’s so sad and funny at the same.

I know she’s making an effort, because it’s obvious. Smiling like she’s been doing lately probably shaves her life expectancy in small increments, and I appreciate her trying, I really do. But she’s been doing thing that are…weird. At our last staff meeting she rang a little bell, which signalled the start of ‘sharing time’, and said that it was time we all started sharing our burdens. With the entire office. Of course she was the one to start, after which she spun a milk bottle and it landed on me, so next time I have to share. So yeah. Please let me be hit by a bus that morning.

And I heard her talking to Samara and the new guy at lunch about how there are now quality buyers advocate services in Melbourne and it’s just so hard to choose when a home is such a personal thing. That was what Samara said, anyway. The new guy just smiled and nodded because that’s most of what he does, and Sandra went on this rant about buyers advocates. I say ‘rant’, but I more mean lecture. Sandra had clearly researched buyers advocates and just started spouting random facts while frowning in a sympathetic way and patting Samara on the arm.

“Buyer’s advocates help to locate and negotiate property,” Sandra said, nodding with a sage expression.

“Sometimes their duties involve bidding on property, using their industry knowledge to ascertain a fair price,” she later added, with a sigh like this was a statement of worldly wisdom.

Samara just stared at her in confusion, obviously. The second-hand cringe was palpable. Obviously Sandra went and learned all about buyers advocates so she could talk to Samara about her issues, but that’s not talking about her issues. That’s an expose on the role of a buyers advocate. That’s not what she needed, Sandra!