The Other Empire

Conveyancers are some of my favourite people…mostly because when I see one, I know I’m adding to my benevolent home empire. And also, I’m taking something away from Percival Clancy, the head of the family who have been our sworn enemies for centuries. He thinks he’s best buddies with every single conveyancing solicitor Melbourne has working within its borders. Well…he has another thought coming, if that first one happens to be ‘it’s that easy.’ It is never that easy!

Sorry…home buying and property transfers do get me a little bit excited, overall. I love the smell of the paperwork, and the feel of the cushy chairs, and the buzz of the phone as it rings, and you wonder for a moment…is it the conveyancer? Would they like me to sign something? Do they need me to…come into the office? That last one makes me feel all weak at the knees, because it means that things are really proceeding apace with the home buying process. After that, it’s only a matter of days or even hours, and your new home is yours, ready to be renovated and placed on the market as either a rental property that makes you a profit, or a sold home that makes you a profit.

I’m terrible with paperwork and forms, and transfers. I have no mind for them. If it weren’t for conveyancers, I don’t think I’d be getting anything done. I’d be a deer, in the headlights of…words. Just so many words, words of importance, but all of them ganging up on my eyes. Maybe now, after I’ve been buying investment properties for a few years, I’d be a bit more confident in the process. I at least know a bit about the process of a vendors statement, and maybe I could tell you what was in the sale of land act 1962, but I still need conveyancers.

They help with the nitty-gritty. The business side of things.

-Pondelia Whimsy