Our Story

 Where did Suke’s Uke come from?

Suke’s Uke is the brainchild of chef Melvin Lee (of Devil’s Mother fame) and entertainment industry wunderkind Anya Estrada-Amoss. Together, they’ve devised a concept that transcends the restrictive conventions of fine dining while retaining an obsessive dedication to providing high-end, boutique experiences.

From humble beginnings in 2015 hosting monthly dinners on a rented pontoon, Suke’s Uke has since grown into a word-of-mouth phenomenon with its own waterborne premises, a staff of twenty, and connections to exclusive suppliers of premium sake and produce. It’s also become a hotspot for big-name touring musicians to play intimate, under-the-radar shows to discerning audiences.

 Who is Suke, and what’s the story with her uke?

The name is a tribute to Melvin’s grandmother, Suki, affectionately known as Suke by her wide circle of family and friends. After emigrating from Japan in the 1960s, she spent many years in Hawaii and became a master ukulele player. She was famous for her love of inventive fusion cooking that transcends cultures, and her beloved ukulele symbolises her flair for music, food and their power to bring people together.