Cocktail Menu

Dripping Moonlight – $37

House-infused vanilla bean sake with passionfruit and toasted sesame.

Uke Solo – $37

The sazerac remixed – artisanal sake, absinthe and house-crafted wasabi bitters.

Neon Sunglasses  – $37

Coconut cold-drip coffee, ginger-lime bitters and soda, rimmed with house-made wasabi salt.

Surprise Dance-Off – $42

Premium sake, ligurian honey and floral bitters, topped with a crystallised ginger coated in house-made matcha chocolate.

Warm Heart – $39

Warm, sesame-infused sake blended with coconut-cacao mousse.

New Suede Shoes – $ 35

Saffron-infused whiskey mixed with scotch malt, carob dust and a sprinkling of soy sauce