Building Timber Boardwalks

I’m the President of the Beach Conservation Committee in Melbourne’s South East. Our job is to protect the beach and the land and aquatic animals who frequent it. I have a lot of responsibility in this role because every decision I make directly affects the beach and animals.

In the year gone by, we noticed that there has been a significant uptick in foot traffic over the top of the flora and fauna that lines the beach. This obviously negatively affects numerous habitats and must be stopped before the plants are worn down forever. 

As a committee, we have decided to build a 500m boardwalk at each in metropolitan Melbourne. Working closely with a number of outside regulatory bodies and a hardware store in Bayside, we have been given the go ahead to build the boardwalk early next year. Building this boardwalk will save the lives of so many animals, plants and insects. It feels good knowing that we’re truly doing something good for the beautiful state and country that we live in. 

This project will also put a lot of people in jobs, seeing as we have over twenty boardwalks that need to be designed, built and installed. The boardwalks will also have to be well lit, which means we’ll also need to hire electricians to make use of their electrical supplies. Cheltenham is the home to extremely talented tradespeople, so I know this project will be in good hands.

I’ve slept well every night since we got the project finalised. Knowing how much of difference we’re going to make to the coastline brings me inner peace. I can’t wait to experience how good I’ll feel when all the boardwalks have been installed. I’m going to make a point of walking over the top of every single one of them. 

Here’s to keeping our planet safe and appreciating what we’ve got. I love Australia.