New Era Design

Where do you go when you want to do interior design, but you feel like homes are just SO last century? I really do feel like homes peaked in the 1980s or so. All contemporary design- or ALMOST all of it, anyway- is just a lot of grey with impractical pillars everywhere. And fair enough; humans have been living in houses forever and they got a bit boring after a while. That’s the essence of postmodernism: everything has been done.

But it’s now the final week of my interior design course, and I’m realising that I got to do something a bit different all of once. That was the time when I got to call round all those fancy companies that do office interior design. Melbourne is one of the most stylish places in the country and as such, the offices in the city are all pretty spectacular. I got to ask the designers all sorts of questions about what they do for a living, because our assignment was about real-life networking. Everyone else went after interior design companies, and I finally seized upon the opportunity to see (or at least hear about) what office design companies got up to in their work hours. As it turns out, it was all incredibly interesting. Office design is just so much newer and more nuanced than homes. You have so much more to think about, such as the actual type of business, how your design will suit their aesthetic and appeal to clients who come into the office itself, how the space will be used, whether they want open-plan or something even spicier…I was sold, totally. Of course, office design isn’t the only alternate avenue, but I did like what I heard. Office fitout companies are steadily on the rise, so it could be quite the excellent bandwagon.

It’s not like home interior design is going out of fashion, as such…people always want it. But I want something with a bit of a challenge.