Sash windows and relatives

My husband’s mother has decided to move in with us, and that’s just great. She hates me and does not even seem fond of her own son. It’s like she is willing to be miserable with people she hates just so she can ruin our lives too.

My husband insisted we get timber windows installed so she can see the sun as she goes up and down the stairs. We had to get a quote for custom sash window installation, Melbourne properties do not all have standard frames and ours is particularly tricky.

I just can not bear the thought of her bursting into our bedroom at all hours, ranting and demanding ridiculous things. My husband says he will have a talk to her about respecting our space, but I don’t think it will be any use. Personally, I would be fine with not getting custom replacement windows so she is forced to spend time in the garden.

I bet she will complain about the noise or the dust when we get the windows installed too. Never mind that we would only be doing it for her. I can just picture it now, her scowling on the couch as the house is modified for her benefit, out of our pockets, mind you.

I told my husband I would rather throw myself over the balcony than live with her. Okay, that was a dramatic thing to say but he does not care. He will not do anything about it. He can’t anyway. His mother would never listen to him.

I’ll have to get used to the idea of living with the bane of my life. Always criticising me and making snide comments. Well, I’ll give her something to say when I serve her food with extra spice, or lather her pasta with butter so she finally loses that figure she’s always boasting about. She can be so cruel. Two can play at that game.