The Solar Tycoons

In the year 2075, Melbourne isn’t just a bustling metropolis of art, food, and culture; it’s become the epicentre of the world’s solar revolution. As commercial solar systems proliferate, powering everything from coffee machines to colossal corporate buildings, a new breed of elite rises, the so-called “Solar Tycoons.”

These aren’t your average captains of industry. No, these are moguls who have taken the concept of “wearing your wealth” to a whole new (and literal) level. Take, for instance, Sir Reginald Raylight, known for his dashing three-piece suit – not just any suit, mind you, but one meticulously interwoven with the most efficient solar panels. While one might wonder about the size of a 500KW solar system, Sir Reginald simply points to his outfit and quips, “About as big as my waistcoat!”

Then there’s Lady Lumina, a fashion-forward tycoon with a penchant for the ostentatious. She’s often spotted gliding around Melbourne’s streets in her solar-powered hover shoes, leaving trails of light (and envy) in her wake. Sure, the hover shoes might not be the most practical choice for cobblestone lanes, but when has practicality ever stood in the way of flaunting one’s affluence?

And who could forget Baron Beam and his notorious sun-reflecting tie? A tie that not only accentuates his suit but also focuses sunlight towards his personal solar farm on the outskirts of the city. It’s a show of power, extravagance, and, some might say, overcompensation.

But for all the flamboyance and opulence these Solar Tycoons display, one cannot deny the significant role solar energy plays in this future Melbourne. It’s a green city, one that’s alive with renewable vibrancy, setting an example for the rest of the world. The issue lies not with the commercial solar systems themselves, which remains a beacon of hope for a cleaner planet, but rather in the way it’s been co-opted and monopolised by this elite. They’ve turned what should be a communal blessing into a status symbol.

As Melbourne basks in the sun’s glory, it’s essential to remember the true purpose behind the solar revolution: to create a sustainable future for all, not just a shiny present for a few. While the Solar Tycoons might own the most powerful solar arrays, the real power lies in the hands of Melbournians, ready to take their city back from these sun-soaked elites.