Waiting for soup

There’s a new soup place that’s opened up around the corner for me. The line always extends around the block, but apparently, this soup is that good that it’s worth it. During my lunch break the other day, one of my colleagues suggested I try this new soup place. He gave me a taste of the minestrone soup he was eating and in all honesty, his soup is that good your knees buckle. I had to get myself some of this soup. Me and two other colleagues decided to line up together and get some soup.

When we arrived at the soup shop it was evident by the length of the line that we had a long wait ahead of us. To pass the time we started chatting about the top ten trade job management software apps, then we started talking about films that we’ve seen, music that we’ve been listening to, and shows we’ve been binging. Before we knew it, we had been in line for five minutes. That’s not to say the service was slow. It’s more so the fact that so many people were dire for this soup. After about eight minutes of waiting, we finally made it into the door of the restaurant. It was like stepping into heaven. There were no seats to stop and eat your soup within the restaurant. The place was set up more like a ‘grab and go’. It had to be set up like that because with all the popularity there was no way people would have room to sit and eat.

My friend started talking to me about job management software for electrical contractors in Melbourne, but in all honesty, his voice was just background noise. I was too encapsulated by the aroma and the soup choice I was about to make. I struggled to decide if I wanted jambalaya or crab bisque. The soup chef was so intimidating I quickly mouthed the words jambalaya and off I went. It was the best jambalaya ever.