An Evening Cruise

Boating isn’t something my family and I do often, owing to our tragic sun allergy, but we did recently have the opportunity to have a bit of a sailing adventure. We were invited to a late-night boat gathering, just cocktails and casual business conversation on the deck of a luxury liner. I’m slightly ashamed to say that i saw it as more of a networking opportunity at first, but there was a special activity area on the lower deck for the children, and we ended up having quite a nice time, my wife and I. We do SO love to meet new people, and really sink our teeth into the social scene.

A lot of big-wigs from the boating sector as well. Anchor winch specialists from Melbourne and its boating high-life, which is taking off like nothing else, so I’ve heard. I tend to invest in things that interest me personally, so I’ve never really thought much about outboard motors and all of that business. Boating is rather something you tend to imagine being done by people in the daylight hours, with the sun shining overhead. But with our lovely evening cruise, and the industry being as healthy as it is, perhaps it’s time. I can advocate for more evening cruises, for one thing! It’s quite soothing to the soul, standing on the deck in summertime, the stars glinting overhead, feeling the wind in your hair. Preferably with a glass of chardonnay in one hand, but that’s almost a given.

Perhaps I could found my very own company, exclusively for evening cruises. Or perhaps there are currently no companies in Melbourne doing outboard motor servicing during the night? Maybe there are, but this could be a company exclusively for the night…and it’ll be necessary once night cruises gain traction. They’re going to be the next big thing, I assure you. All those people, together in one place, under cover of darkness, away from the safety of the shore…

Oh, that reminds me. We must look into buffet options.