Steel, Pure Art

I’m all for signing this petition to bring back ‘Real Steel’, because it’s so, SO boring and I appreciate that. I used to just have it on in the background while I was doing household tasks, and I could seriously look away from the screen for minutes at a time, look back and nothing had …

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An Evening Cruise

Boating isn’t something my family and I do often, owing to our tragic sun allergy, but we did recently have the opportunity to have a bit of a sailing adventure. We were invited to a late-night boat gathering, just cocktails and casual business conversation on the deck of a luxury liner. I’m slightly ashamed to …

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Hello, Ocean Phobia

I’m not sure what’s worse: my crippling fear of the ocean, or that awful internet meme song. Unfortunately, said meme song is what’s distracting me from my fear of the sea, so they’re very much a package deal at this stage. As soon as my mind starts to drift, even if I’m congratulating myself for …

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