Freeze Fight!

Fascinating discussion tonight at the Futurist Club, as the speculated about water fights. It seemed appropriate with how hot things have been lately. Basically, what I’m thinking is that it’s going to get so hot in the future, what with global warming and such on the rise.

The simultaneous eruption of every volcano in the world will probably be the start of it all.

Yeah, that’s going to happen, and instead of super soakers to cool down, it’s all going to be about INSTANT FREEZE RAYS. Just harmless little things that freeze a person totally solid inside a gigantic block of ice. They’ll thaw pretty quickly, because of the volcanos, and it’ll all be harmless summer fun.

I was chatting to some folks who do air conditioning in the Beaumaris area, and I got the strong impression that it’s air con units today, freeze rays tomorrow. I just have this feeling that we’ll be getting freeze rays, just as soon as some other villainous scientist creates a cooling unit that has about 5000% more power than any air conditioning unit on the market at the moment. That will bring a short ice age that’ll have devastating effects on the environment, but fortunately, the volcano thing will ‘even things out’, as it were. So it won’t be as bad, just very hot, and the freezing tech will become a child’s toy, for use on hot days.

I think about this a lot, I will admit. Every time I walk into an air-conditioned room, or I hear about cooling services in Bayside, I smile and I imagine the laughter of children, suddenly silenced by being flash-frozen just long enough to plot gleeful revenge. Humans are resilient, you know. We can make something good, even out of a massive environmental shift.