The Parade Again

Well, I suppose that year went better than last. This time there were actual car mechanics Preston parade-goers could rely on for making sure that all the cars actually WORKED… unlike last time. Well, all the cars that were supposed to be acting as reindeer, that is. So the parade made it to the end and  Christmas wasn’t ruined, but I’m thinking we need to update the whole system. Can’t we just have a normal parade, like a normal council? It’s getting to the point where everyone seems totally married to this reindeer idea, and no one wants to change it because it’s ‘our thing’.

Yeah, I’ve seen that happen when I was working for other councils. People become entrenched in their ways, and all of a sudden people are screaming as cars are driven through shop fronts because SOMEONE didn’t do their due diligence, not naming names, won’t shame anyone, but it was definitely June. She was the one who said she was going to make sure all the tires were pumped up and that everyone had refuelled before the parade, and as far as I’m concerned, that also involves making sure everyone is fit to partake. But there she was, chatting up a parking attendant…typical June.

Maybe it’s just that I don’t know much about cars, and I think our town’s annual parade could do better without so many of them. What’s wrong with all the parades where people just walk, with banners? Those are nice.

But now we’ve had one good reindeer parade, so now they’re pretty much set in stone for the rest of time. I just have to make sure nothing goes horribly wrong. Maybe also ask for solid evidence that every parade car has a roadworthy certificate. Preston might be up to that challenge, sure – all the cars might have a perfectly valid RWC. Who can say? But the rigmarole might make it seem like more trouble than it’s worth in the end, so no one will want to bother getting their car involved.