Heat Taken Away

Do you remember my last blog post? The one where I had just gotten the heater repair person to come in and fix my heater after two months? Do you remember how happy I sounded? I think the tone of the blog was a combination of relief, happiness and understanding. Relief that I was finally warm again, happy at how comfortable I felt and how much money I had saved over the two months of not having a heater, and understanding as it dawned on me how much my family and I were missing out on. Sorry, that was not a well-structured sentence at all, but it was the only way to explain to you guys exactly how I was feeling. 

Well, now I can explain how I’m feeling in one word: disgruntled. Why am I feeling disgruntled? Because the heater I got fixed just two weeks ago has broken down again! I don’t think it’s the heater repair person’s fault, but I am without a doubt calling him back for a free ducted heating service. Near Canberra, the technicians are super reliable because that means they get repeat service. In one of the coldest parts of Australia, it’s a good business plan to treat your customers in the best possible way, because it’s almost guaranteed they’re going to need your help again. The serviceman who fixed my heater was great and definitely warrants my business again, but this one will be free of charge, I have no doubt.

I wonder what happened to my unit to make it require another heater servicing. In the Canberra CBD, I’m guessing it’s possible that things just freeze over? I guess I’ll have to wait and see what the repairman says. 

I have to get onto him as soon as I finish this blog post. My family has only been without heating for six hours now, and they’re already more angsty than they were during the two month period where we had no heating at all.