Wedding Earrings

Today is my wedding day and sadly, the anniversary of the day my mum left us. Because of unfortunate recent events that none of us could have predicted, weddings are really hard to book. Last year thousands of weddings in Melbourne got postponed, which means every Saturday for the next two years is booked out at every good location in the state. I had the choice between getting married on my mum’s anniversary or not getting married for the next few years, and mum, I’ve met the love of my life and the person I want to be with forever, so I’ve decided to get married on the day you died. 

I think in some sort of sick way, it will help me feel closer to you. You obviously can’t be with me like I want you to be, but I’ll open the letter that you asked your best friend to look after for all these years and put on the cross earrings you have gifted me for this very occasion. I’ll without a doubt cry and ruin the hundreds of dollars I spent on my makeup, but it’ll be nice to feel close to you again. 

Okay, mum, I’m going to go and get married now. I know you’ll be watching over me, proud as punch. I can tell you that dad is doing really well now. He’s going to walk me down the aisle in about ten minutes. He never remarried and he still misses you every day, but he’s made a life for himself and you would be very proud of him. I’m proud of him on your behalf. 

Every year he compliments you on your choice of earrings, by the way. He loves that you went to the trouble to source custom earrings in the Melbourne CBD whilst you were sick. He was mad at you for a while, but he understands how hard it would have been for you now. He gets more excited than us ‘kids’ to open your letters now. He’s just the sweetest.