People Doing THINGS

Finally, People Doing Things is the type of show I can really get into. I don’t want melodrama. I don’t want crying, and I don’t want sappy music. I don’t need frills, chills, spills and people candidly talking to the camera about their teammates and how much they hate them. I don’t need a pacey soundtrack, presenters with teeth so white they could act as headlights or an after-show where sport is made of whoever got eliminated that week.

I just want people doing things. Which is why People Doing Things suits me so very well. It’s just a camera, focused on people doing their regular jobs, and you get to be a fly on the wall. It changes every day, today it’s focused on various companies near Mornington doing pest control, and that’s what I want. If it was some other channel, I can’t even imagine what they’d do. It’d be called Pest Buster! Oh, it’d be all stupid music and the pest controllers would have to get rid of a termite infestation within an hour or they’d get dunked in slime, but they could get out of it if they chose to spin the Wacky Woodlouse Wheel, which gave them the chance to answer a question and then…it’d be awful. No, none of that. Right now I’m just watching some pest controllers- with their permission, of course…it’s all above board- as they do their jobs. They chat about their lives, and they chat about the job, but mostly I’m just getting an exclusive into what goes on in the life of a termite removal professional. Always wondered what happens there. And it’s not like there are any company secrets being revealed, because then they just wouldn’t air it. This is industry, being candidly represented on film.

And a great advertisement for termite inspections in Mornington. Everyone wins in this scenario, besides the people who want the weepy melodrama. Just change the channel if that’s you. Any of them will do.