Regards, to Aluminium

Sometimes a TV show just reaches deep inside your heart, takes hold of all your emotions and never lets go. I will admit that not every single program in existence is a total masterpiece; no art form is perfect! I watch a lot of them to critique, or just enjoy some harmless fun or silly plots.

But ‘Regards, Zeo’ is something else entirely. Dinki-Dai-Animation has done it again…I don’t know how they manage to churn out such quality. What a time to be alive. I suppose it’s also quite impressive how they keep managing to weave in local industries as well. ‘Regards, Zeelo’ is all about a plucky high school student, Zeo, who lives a double life selling aluminium products in another realm. See, this realm doesn’t have any metal because it’s all forests and such, so Zeo carts aluminium toolboxes and gas bottle holders through the inter-dimensional tear in order to support his efforts to migrate permanently to that realm and set up in the town square with a little aluminium stall. There’s a lot of bribery involved in fairy immigration, so…he may be at this a while.

The main concerns are Zeo acquiring aluminium products, then safely escorting them to where they need to be despite many bandits lurking in between realms wanting some quality aluminium toolboxes and other products because they have to work with even less than the local folk; just like, stuff that falls through tears to get their work done. So you can see why aluminium toolboxes in Melbourne would be their cup of tea, because…well, quality.

Zeo has to deal with a lot of discrimination as well, because while Melbourne’s aluminium products are well-accepted, people in other realms are quite skeptical. It’s all about the wood, and the roots, and sometimes mystic ores. Those are nice, but not very versatile. You couldn’t make aluminium accessories out of them. See, this is a rich and powerful lore created for this series.