Romantic Video Production

I’m going to make a romantic video for my boyfriend as a three-month anniversary gift. I just love him so much! I’ve had plenty of boyfriends and three months is my longest relationship so far. I thought I was going to be with those other boys forever, but I was wrong, I’m going to be with Jake forever. 

The video is going to be about how we met and how I imagine our future together. I will be the lead actress playing myself, but seeing as it’s a surprise for him, I’ve asked an animation production company in Melbourne to recreate Jake in an animated form. They’re going to edit the video so that it looks like I’m interacting with my boyfriend.

My friends actually told me not to go ahead with the video. They said that it’s a weird idea and that it’ll probably freak him out. They said that they didn’t want to offend me but the reason I can never hold down a boyfriend is that I come on too strong too early. I disagree. I think those boys just weren’t the one.

The video production house in South East Melbourne that I chose said my idea was really creative and they’re keen to get involved. I’ve decided not to listen to the haters and go with my gut. Making this video will make my boyfriend feel loved and important, and will make him happy knowing that I want to marry him one day.

Our life together is going to be magical. I’m planning it all out in a storyboard now so that I can give it to the video production company in our next meeting. I’m imagining that we’ll have six kids, three girls and three boys, and have our first one next year when we’re twenty-three. We’ll then have a kid each year until we’re just after thirty. I’m sure he’s ready to settle down like I am.