Tasha Just Lies

Oh my gosh, like, Tasha is SO full of it. As I said to Janine, “Janine, Tasha is full of it. Like, you CANNOT believe a thing she says.” But Janine is so dumb – I mean, you wouldn’t even believe it – that she didn’t even care.

Tasha is telling everyone that the reason she misses so much school is because she has a rare sickness thing that means that she runs out of… what’s it called again? That’s right – internal oxygen. Yeah, uh, we BOTH take Health Science as an elective, Tasha, so you know that I know you’re lying. Humans don’t even have internal oxygen. Like, there’s lung oxygen and that’s it. That’s what you get.

She says she had her Dad get her the best portable hyperbaric chamber Melbourne has available for purchase, and that it has a flatscreen TV and a library in there, and Tasha, well… whatever. Whatever, Tasha. I’ve seen those hyperbaric chambers, and they’re way smaller than that. You can lie down, and you might be able to sit up and read a book or whatever, but there’s no way you have an oxgen chamber with a flatscreen TV. There’s not even any point in me saying this, because the thing she’s talking about literally does not exist, because it’s not real.

She’s seriously just going to the cinema or something, because I know for a fact that her parents leave before she goes to school and get back after her, so she can just do whatever and tell everyone that she’s got an oxygen process condition and needs a specialised medical device and blah blah blah.

Yeah, I bet Tasha is spending LOADS of time with a flatscreen TV, except she’s not in a medical oxygen chamber at all, and she’s missing all of our Health Science classes because she hates Mrs Peterson. I mean, like, I hate Mrs Peterson, but I don’t go making up a fake medical conditions to get out of it.