An Undefined Workplace

Sometimes I look around this office and I wonder…what do we do? I mean, what do WE do. We do something, definitely, but I’m just not sure what. I come and sit at this desk every single day, I answer a bunch of emails, and I calculate some numbers. I go to meetings and we talk about how profit margins are going up, and how they should be going even MORE up. Sometimes we meet with shareholders, and we show them graphs with numbers.

But beyond that, I couldn’t really tell you. Just a load of people in suits and business attire, standing around, typing on computers. I feel like I should ask someone, but I’ve been working here for sixteen years now and they’d think I was an idiot. Just this morning the boss complimented me on securing that huge aluminium toolbox deal, and I was given a spark of hope.

“Ah-HAH,” I thought to myself. “We do things to do with securing construction equipment. Like, we help other companies get gas bottle holders, and we provide their vehicles with ute under tray drawers.” And I felt really quite content until the end of the day, when Tony mentioned at the water cooler that he was in negotiations with a Japanese mortgage company and he was having trouble finding a translator, and I was back to square one. Maybe I’m in the Toolbox and Assorted Aluminium Supply section? But then i thought back to my work last month- something I never do- and I remember how I was doing…something about children’s birthday parties. Bouncy castles, that was it. We’d received a shipment of ten-thousand bouncy castles to be distributed around Australia. So our company IS doing well, but I still don’t know what we actually do. I’d prefer it if we just did aluminium. Like, providing aluminium trays here in Melbourne, nice and simple. Instead, we apparently do absolutely everything, and I’m just supposed to live with it.