The Missing Bathroom

Meredith raced through the house, searching every nook and cranny for the bathroom. She even went so far as to open a cupboard door, praying with an equal bit of madness and desperation that she would find a porcelain bowl waiting for her.

“Where is it? I need to go,” she cried out. Her roommate snickered from his spot on the couch. Justin was pouring a cup of water, and had repeated the task at least twenty times. The trickling noise only made her desperation heighten, which was exactly what amused him.

“I told you we were having some modern ensuite bathroom renovations done this week,” he said nonchalantly. Meredith shot him a look that could have ended him. She paused in her search to stand in front of him, hopping from one foot to the other.

“Dude, I really need to go,” she tried again, dropping her annoyance in hopes that sincerity might work. Justin paused for a moment, pouring that cup of water with another slow hiss, before finally giving up on his amusement. 

“Fine,” he said, getting up and sauntering over to a nearby cupboard door. “It’s really not that hard to find, I’m not sure what the fuss is about.”

He opened the door to Meredith’s relief, revealing…nothing. No new faucet, or modern tiles, or bathroom to speak of. There was only a brick wall behind the door. 

“What the?” Even Justin seemed shocked. He closed the door and opened it again, as though he expected a different result.

“What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything! I went about booking bathroom renovations near Beaumaris, and they arrived last week.” He shook his head. “All they did was make a modification to where the doorway to the ensuite was, and installed a new bathtub. It should be right here.”

He gestured to the wall. Meredith didn’t find him funny. A look of pure annoyance was forming on her face. 

“Meredith, I swear,” he tried. If Justin was acting, he was doing so well. She stepped up to the wall, feeling the cool brick under her hand. 

Suddenly, the brick shifted inwards. The brick wall swung open with a loud thud. Sunlight blinded her. As she blinked it away, she was greeted by four walls of pristine tile bliss.

The bathroom.

She didn’t even have time to watch Justin begin to crack up before she leapt inside. She was going to get him back for this.