Her Renovations Planned

On top of her house speaking to Barbara for the first time, there was a deep sense of dread washing over her. She placed her ear against the kitchen drain. She couldn’t bring herself to look into the dark pipe, where she thought the house’s mouth might be, instead watching her distorted reflection in the …

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The Missing Bathroom

Meredith raced through the house, searching every nook and cranny for the bathroom. She even went so far as to open a cupboard door, praying with an equal bit of madness and desperation that she would find a porcelain bowl waiting for her. “Where is it? I need to go,” she cried out. Her roommate …

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Waterfall of Whimsy

Want to hear about my dream house? It’s basically a giant pond, adapted to my personal preferences of flora and fauna, with a series of little huts around it for different purposes – sleeping, cooking, hanging out, whittling and so on. The pond is heated by an underground thermal spring, and cleaned by… I dunno, …

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