The Transformer Forest

Judging by the fact that none of the electricians I’ve seen are wearing that weird rubber suit I saw on that TV Show ‘Lizards Lair’, I’m guessing the whole idea fell through. I wonder how often that happens? The Lizards pledge a load of money to some wacky invention, they give their camera interviews at the end of the show stating why they think it has some potential, and then boom. You never hear anything again. I guess during the manufacturing or research process they must have found something untoward, because that’s the only reason.

I see a lot of commercial electricians as well, because our office is right next to one of those huge power grids with the big transformers and all that. Yep, fences and power warnings and everything. If you open the window you can hear the buzzing of the power lines, and probably everything else. I don’t know, I’m not an electrician. I see them working on it, and it’s all just regular electrician gear. Maybe a bit of rubber, it’s hard to tell at this distance. I’m thinking of bringing opera glasses to work, but that would be hard to explain to the boss…

I spend so much time watching them that sometimes I think I just need to take up the job, after quitting this one. I don’t actually do much of my own work…I just watch the guys down there. What ARE they doing? I know they’re checking stuff, and servicing giant machines that give power to somewhere, but what ARE they doing, you know? They’re like…explorers, in a great forest of electrical transformers. That’s what being a Bayside electrician is all about, apparently. Bravely forging through a sea of…electrical things. I really have absolutely no idea, to be honest. I’m mostly just using what’s going on down there to distract me from the boredom of what’s happening in here.