Waterfall of Whimsy

Want to hear about my dream house? It’s basically a giant pond, adapted to my personal preferences of flora and fauna, with a series of little huts around it for different purposes – sleeping, cooking, hanging out, whittling and so on. The pond is heated by an underground thermal spring, and cleaned by… I dunno, some kind of algae that removes undesirables from the water. Or something. 

For the time being, I’ll have to settle for perusing catalogues of custom bathrooms. My pond-house might be a whimsical notion, but there are some bathtubs on the market that sort of approximate the underlying idea. Of course, it would be much harder to plant aquatic botanicals in them, and keeping koi in a bath would probably be a no-no. But there would definitely be ways to kit the room out with humidity-loving plants, one way or another… perhaps some kind of moss installation could work in a stone-floored shower.

I could be wrong about that, but it does seem like the sky’s the limit when it comes to interior design these days. I’d be very interested to see what a pro kitchen designer could do with my kitchen layout. I’m imagining an open fire pit in the centre of the space, where the kitchen island currently is, ringed by a little moat that doubles as a reflexology walk. Surely that’s achievable, especially if the fire pit was, like, a controlled gas burner that just gives the impression of being an open fire. Maybe there could be surround sound with a track playing that gives the impression of crackling firewood. 

What’s that? I’m getting carried away? I beg your pardon, but I actually think it’s everyone else in our society who’s gotten carried away, what with all these chrome surfaces and boxy cabinetry. My ideas for interiors might be of the unusual persuasion, but arguably they’re a tad less removed from nature than pretty much everything on the market.