When Darkness Falls

Ah, I remember the very first time I summoned a demonic entity in House of Dark Windows III – classic game, that. It was just a starter character; my team wouldn’t let me summon anything with more than six limbs and two rows of teeth, and it absolutely could not have the ability to breathe fire. Our base was a wooden house on the slopes of Mount Piscivorous, so that’s understandable.

I performed the ritual, the windows went dark, and I was introduced to Pete, my four-tongued goat-eating hell-bat pal. We still play fetch when I have time to summon him.

So naturally, when I got to work on Monday morning and saw that some commercial office window tinting had happened during the weekend, I assumed that someone was doing more or less the same thing, in the office. My first thought was that it was a very irresponsible thing to do in such a small space, it might burn the place down, and if nothing else, the ethereal winds would blow all the papers off everyone’s desk and that was going to be a nightmare, crawling around and trying to figure out what goes where.

Everyone seems to be quite fond of this tinting lark, and now that I’ve seen it once, I see it everywhere in the CBD. I always just thought these people built their skyscrapers out of really dark, terrible mirrors, but nope…just more commercial tinting. I got confused the first time I saw frosted window glass while I was looking around my prospective apartment, too. That’s usually the sign of a mystical tear in the fabric of time and space from which can emerge many-tentacled beasts that feed on negative energy, and also people. But no…frosted window glass is just a thing they do to showers and bathroom windows to provide privacy. At least I don’t have to cast a spell for that.

Hang on… I’m getting reality mixed up again. It’s not my fault the game’s so realistic.

-Polyphesia Dimpleton Zanax VI