A dodgy tattoo

I have some advice for you all. Do not, and I repeat, do not ever get a tattoo at a biker festival. I don’t know what came over me but for some reason, in my twenties, I thought I was some tough guy hanging out with bikers. Now, it’s best that I clarify that when I say bikers, I don’t mean the dangerous kind. This crew were genuinely just people who loved motorbikes and rock music. I was part of a club that was scattered all around the globe. We were all distinguishable by our leather jackets which had a giant eagle patch on the back. I like being part of the crew as it was nice to feel a part of a community. I’ve been less engaged in the crew over the last two years, mainly because I don’t really ride motorcycles anymore, but I am still very thankful for those times. What I am not thankful for, however, is the terrible skull tattoo I ended up getting. We were at a festival and tattoos were free at that time of night. Now, when tattoos are free you can only bet that they won’t be any good. This skull tattoo definitely wasn’t bad but it surely wasn’t great either. I’ve decided to get a cover up tattoo local to Brisbane to disguise the skull.

I remember the day my girlfriend at the time, and now wife, first saw the skull tattoo. She laughed and shuddered, then she laughed some more. We’re due to have our firstborn child in five months, and it’s gotten me thinking about how I should get this awful tattoo covered. I really don’t want my child to grow up and then one day we’re by the pool and they see me with my awful skull tattoo. No way. I’m going to book a tattoo artist consultation. Brisbane is the city closest to me so I will go to a popular tattoo artist somewhere there. I’m not getting a backyard tattoo job to cover up a backyard tattoo job. Hopefully, it’s an easy job.