Brake uncertainty

After getting sick of using my parents’ car, and them getting sick of me using their car, I decided to just go ahead and buy my own. I absolutely love owning my own car. I feel a greater sense of responsibility and independence. It’s nice to have something that is purely mine and that I can drive whenever I want without having to ask for permission. This car looks amazing. The woman I bought it off was some older rich lady who decided to get all the extras on this car. It’s got absolutely everything you could hope for! Plus, it’s such a pleasure to drive. The only issue with this car is the brake sensitivity, but I’m not sure if that’s an issue to do with the car or me. It feels as if I have to apply even more pressure to these brakes as opposed to other cars before they brake properly. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, a bad thing, or not an issue at all but it is something I can feel. It worries me that one day I’ll press the brakes and they won’t be responsive enough. It is for this reason I’ve decided to take my car in for a brake service close to Morayfield.

This could very well be a psychological fear of something bad happening to me and my car so I keep imagining that there is an issue with the brakes. For all I know the brakes might very well be fine! The mechanic who looked at this car when I first bought it said that there were no issues but I’m inclined to wonder if maybe he just never noticed the brakes? I think regardless of the situation it will be super handy to get a second opinion. A second opinion will definitely help to put my mind at ease. Not that I didn’t trust the first mechanic. Tomorrow I will be taking my car to the highest-rated mechanic. Morayfield has various mechanics so I want to make sure I go to the best one so I don’t find myself doubting his opinion. It’s so hard with cars, isn’t it? Usually, I love resolving these sorts of issues myself but when it comes to cars I know it’s better if I just leave it to the experts.