Difficult Shower Repairs

My daughter is the biggest pain in the butt. She thinks things should just happen when she’s ready and that she shouldn’t have to wait for anything. I don’t know how she grew up with this attitude when my wife and I always tried to teach her that things don’t always go people’s way. But alas, she’s picked up the frustrating personality trait and now my wife and I are paying the price for it. 

For six months, she’s been whining and complaining about being unable to use her shower. Yes, there is a gaping hole in the floor and it would be impossible to use, but it’s just tough luck. We still have one fully functional shower in the house, which means there’s no rush to get a new high-quality bathroom shower design and pay for a bathroom renovator to come in and fix the shower.

I agree with my daughter that it would be better for us to have two showers, but it’s just not feasible. It’s like she thinks that my wife and I want to be woken up at one in the morning when she decides she wants a shower. I can say with absolute certainty that we do not, but sometimes things are out of our control. Without the help of our insurance company, it’s going to take us months to save up the money to get the shower fixed. 

She clearly doesn’t understand the costs associated with bathroom renovations. Melbourne has a lot of talented designers that will easily be able to fix our bathroom when we give them the go-ahead, but giving them the go-ahead is our problem in the first place.

My wife and I were both talking about it, seeing as my daughter won’t let us forget, and we both only had one shower growing up. Our daughter is lucky that we had two showers to begin with, otherwise, she’d be showering using a hose for months on end.