Counterproductive Robots

Those folks on Lizard’s Lair are such good fun to watch. I swear, the producers just go out and try to recruit the worst people possible for television, which thus makes them the best people for television, and they’re being held to a strict 80/20 rule. As in, they have to recruit that many in …

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Sharing with Sandrine

Oh gosh, watching Sandra try to be nice is like that video of a puppy taking a snowball inside and trying to play with it next to the fire. It’s so sad and funny at the same. I know she’s making an effort, because it’s obvious. Smiling like she’s been doing lately probably shaves her …

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Dreams of Conveyancing

Saturday night is silly sci-fi night, and that is a time-honoured tradition. Don’t you be saying a coarse word against stupid sci-fi night. It’s what gets me through the week. Generally, me and the GF will search for terrible sci-fi movies- often made in a bygone era with potato CGI but sometimes more recent- and …

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