Kindness to Insects

As a mother, and an environmentalist, and also someone with a healthy sense of scepticism surrounding modern medicine, I have to say that some roles really push me to breaking point. Last year we did Andy-Boyd Snebber’s production of ‘Gnats’, the one about the farmers in the midwest experiencing an unusual plague of crop-eating insects, …

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The Belgian Capybara

They want me to make glass? Oh, I’ll make them glass…the most powerful, unbreakable glass in the world. Except that’s what they actually want me to do, so…drat. I need to find some other way to thwart the higher-ups, without compromising on my genius or drive to succeed. I could never intentionally do a bad …

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New Era Design

Where do you go when you want to do interior design, but you feel like homes are just SO last century? I really do feel like homes peaked in the 1980s or so. All contemporary design- or ALMOST all of it, anyway- is just a lot of grey with impractical pillars everywhere. And fair enough; …

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